A woman is a goddess as they say, but yet they butcher her flesh and savour the taste with a rotten face.. But faith will avenge for her and make them pay for their sin..

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Sampurna Sharma
Sampurna Sharma 08 Sep, 2020 | 2 mins read

I am a WOMAN.馃馃懇‍馃捈馃懜馃懇‍馃殌馃懕

I live in a world of sadist and barbarians.

They call me names when I shove their own medicine down their throat.

Like a hungry wild wolf, they howl and summon me to their den.

And when I fight them like equals, they make me a propaganda of misbehave and hang me like a beef-steak for social display.

They rant about my character when they can't hide the scratches I gave.

They make the society believe that I'm a scared goat, who has willingly walked into their homes.

For shelter is what I need, in exchange of their warm bed.

I look around the gathering with a hope that I would not be butchered and rather spared.

But all I can see is a pack of wild wolves, drooling for a bite of my otherwise untouchable flesh.

I try to run around the jungle, hoping to be rescued by the KING.

But he too turns out to be waiting, to drag me to his den.

Among the pack of wolves outside the cave and the lion in the den, I try to choose who's less of a demon, and that's when the goddess inside me fails.

He commands the submission of my soul, or else he would feed me to the hungry ones praying for my failure. 

He dismantles me piece by piece, flesh by flesh, and savours my naked soul until it obliviates. 

He throws my decayed corpse to the hounds outside the den.

They do not hesitate to scavenge through my ripped and desiccated flesh. Because they wanted to feel satisfied by giving me a deserving end.

For faith has rolled me over and reincarnated me as a WOMAN again, with a twist of my past life still fresh in my brain.

Well, now it’s my turn, and I’m definitely not in the mood to spare.

So, I reached their circles and drew them closer to the pyre of their own faith. 

They smiled and grinned, as they remembered my previous face.

For they had no idea who I have become, while I gave them the benefit of doubt, cause that would play for my advantage.

They shamelessly reached out for my flesh again, but this time I had my sword, sharp and ready for their massacre.

For they each deserved and fed their own flesh.

And being the GODDESS that they call me, I ANSWERED THEIR PRAYER.



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Sampurna Sharma



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  • Moumita Bagchi 3 years ago last edited 3 years ago

    Lovely piece of writing, Sam馃憦馃憦Great going馃憤馃憤

  • Sampurna Sharma 3 years ago last edited 3 years ago

    Thankuu soo much to you all!!! Really appreciate your feedback 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Shubhangani Sharma 3 years ago last edited 3 years ago

    Loved your writing.

  • Mithun kumar Muddan 3 years ago last edited 3 years ago

    Sam... Very brilliant message to all well being to be bold and move forward..... Kudos Sam.

  • Sampurna Sharma 3 years ago last edited 3 years ago

    Thank you for such kind words.. Keeps me going!! :)

  • Monica Sharma 3 years ago last edited 3 years ago

    Great as always 馃檶馃檶馃檶

  • Madhu Kodanad 3 years ago last edited 3 years ago

    Great work and an eye opening message to mankind

  • Babita Kushwaha 3 years ago last edited 3 years ago

    well written sam very nice true..

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