Traffic and Life

The long hours on Bengaluru roads can get you thinking over life. Analogies between life and traffic.

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Shruti Parthasarathy
Shruti Parthasarathy 09 Jun, 2020 | 3 mins read

2W - 2 wheeler

4W - 4 wheeler

As a Bangalorean, I find myself stuck and at the same time amused by the traffic that I feel I spend most of my time in. And so that got me thinking.

1.  There is always more than one auto that desperately tries to squeeze in designated space for 2W.

    Isn't it like those people in life who know they are not capable enough or fit in anyway to take upon that path but will still go ahead and block that way.

2.There are people always honking unnecessarily over one another like it’s a competition.

These are like people bickering and spreading negativity in your lives. All they do is create unnecessary drama and add on to your pressures.

3.When a REVA e2o passes by v/s a BMW(Curiosity v/s Aspirations)

Okay so this is really interesting. At the same signal, often we are found sandwiched between say a posh vehicle say a BMW, or an Audi which can represents our aspirations and goals, and on the other hand a REVA e20 a fairly new and intriguing car draws your attention and represents curiosity and newness we encounter in life.

4.When you go out of your way to let a pedestrian or fellow vehicle driver to pass by, and they smile at you.

This is like those people in life who notice the extra effort you make and acknowledge that with a reward, even if it means as simple as a smile.

5.Notice, how only when you are idle you wander about and think about the vehicles around or the pedestrians where as when you are driving all your attention is on the road and on reaching your destination at the earliest.

In life as well, only time we are filled with thoughts, especially negative ones is only when we are idle and not moving forward. When we are striving and working to reach our goals, that’s where all our attention is. Isn’t it?

6.When you encounter a 'green signal' spree

This is like one of those lucky days when everything falls into place. You keep worrying may be the next signal will turn red, but its your day. Period. 

7. When the vehicle ahead of you wants to turn right but indicates left for whatever reason.

Probably like those people who tell you their ambition/goal is something and are doing nothing for it and are just doing everything opposite(working analogy)

8.You are at the signal, waiting for the signal to turn green and the road is clear for you to drive as soon as the signal turns green. No, just as the signal turns green the pedestrian decides to cross.

These are like obstacles that suddenly appear when you think the coast is clear. And all you can do is nothing but get around the obstacle and move ahead, by finding a solution and not turn your engines off and bring your journey to an end.

9. Okay so most signals have like a designated count down. And you halt (ideally) turning off your engines and proceed as the signal turns green.

In life as well, we have stipulated time for specific task and it is our duty to complete them within that time and not cause inconvenience to people who are dependent on us. Especially if you are at the front in the signal, in that case you have to be extra quick and attentive.

10. When a cop catches you for no reason and on the other hand catches the other person who is drunk and driving or not wearing a helmet.

Sometimes for no reason we are accused of being made a mistake, and although you know you have not done any mistake you gotta keep your calm, and stand by yourself and get going.

11. When we are driving and come across a hump on the road, a two wheeler overcomes the hump quickly where as a heavier vehicle takes a longer time.

This is like how in life the rate at which we overcome obstacles and hardships varies from people to people and that must be understood.


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