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Akbar and Birbal went out for the inspection of their state. In middle of the market an old lady stands with a sword, she want to sell the sword..... Read the story to know what happened next

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Satyamaddy 18 May, 2022 | 2 mins read
The golden sword Akbar birbal

The golden sword

The golden sword

It is a matter of one day that Emperor Akbar, riding on a horse with Birbal, went out to understand the plight of the people. They were passing through the market when suddenly Akbar’s eyes fell on an old place, who was standing with a sword in her scabbard in her hand. Seeing the sword in the hand of the old lady, Akbar was aroused. He asked the old lady, why are you standing in this market with a sword.

The old woman said in a humble voice – “Alampanah I want to sell it. This sword was lying in my house for a long time. Tired of my poverty and poverty, I thought that maybe some connoisseur would give it to me at a fair price, so that my Poverty can be eradicated.

The emperor took out the sword from him, and seeing it again put it in the sheath. The sword seemed unimportant to them, it was rusted, it was getting spoiled from place to place.

He had handed over the sheath along with the sword to the old lady that the old lady immediately took out the sword from the sheath and started looking at him with amazement. Now Akbar is more curious, He smiled and said – I have not changed your sword, why are you looking at your sword in such trouble.

Birbal, riding on a horse with the emperor, had tested the old lady’s intelligence.... Read complete story on:- Https://

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