Daddy's doll

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Neha 11 Aug, 2019 | 1 min read

My daddy doll l've always been,

The little girl with whom he is never mean.

Since the day I was born,

Pretty Fox I've worn

Give countless smile no tears,

Help me flush away all my fears.

I know a girl about half my age

Who has always been in a cage

She cries alone at night

Which shame, pain and Fright

Her eye are swollen she cannot see,

All that left is her screams,

Asking God why only me

She cries she Run she hides

That too from her creator evil Eyes...

She is beaten ,broken ,Crushed

Far from being a daddy's doll

Towards death she silently crwals...

SoMe Girls Yearn For Acceptance, Beg for love, Some that are made Angles Too soon,

Yes I am talking about "girlchidabuse"


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