Writing on Paperwiff

Create a new draft

  1. Click on write next to profile picture
  2. Click write

Add Title

Enter a Title

Basic Formatting

To add some basic formatting to your story, highlight a word or phrase. This will bring up a text toolbar with available options.

Add Image

Add media embeds

The editor also allows you to add media embeds like YouTube videos or tweets. On an empty line, paste the URL of the embed (not the embed code). Press Enter. If a rich version of the embed is supported, it will be rendered automatically, or else it will become a simple embedded link in a box.

Publish the draft

When you're finished with your post, click Ready to publish.

From the Publish review step, you can optionally add tags, add summary and subtitle, schedule to publish your post later, and more.

When you're done making changes, click Publish now to make the story immediately visible on Paperwiff and available for anyone to read. All of your published stories can be found on your public profile page, as well as on your stories page.

Hurray ! your post is now published.