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Respect women. If you can't don't raise wives and daughters.

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Komal Mittal
Komal Mittal 06 Jul, 2020 | 2 mins read

"I am very nervous and scared, I can't do this. I want to quit!" Nazima cried hugging Nazm.

 "Dear, you are the best. Why are you thinking so much? You ain't doing this for the first time!" He consoled.

 "But it's been three years.. since.." she said.

"Don't make useless memories cloud your creative mind. Calm down and be the best." he kissed her forhead.

(You might be thinking that had happened three years ago that Nazma was so scared so let me clear it all to you)

Nazama is a very good dancer as well as singer, she has been a national level performer. She is with Nazm since 8 years and they both had grown as lovers, friends and soulmates.

But destiny wanted something else.

3 years ago just before a month to their marriage, an insane guy so called in love with her threw acid on her face to take revenge of her rejection. 

Depressed with society's useless rumours friend's ignorance and facing rejection from many shows she decided to suicide. But Nazm give her love to the moon and sky and cherished a new soul and heart slowly. Nazima learnt to face everything. Now she don't give attention to any bullshit about her and if anyone do she gives them right answer.

 (Today is her performance in university after three years, she performs and everyone gives her a standing ovation)

(After performance)

Nazima : Am glad that I am here even after facing death from nearest. People consider women as toys with which they play but we are not! We are strong enough to face your bullshit and give a tight slap if anyone abuses us.

Respect women, if you can't don't bring up wives and daughters because you must expect the same Behaviour for them as you do with other women.

 They invited Nazm to say something and he couldn't say anything except," Yes! she is my lady.."

In present she runs a NGO for girls to teach them self defence and time to time also invite boy candidates to teach them women empowerment and importance of 'HER' in society.


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