Not every time you have to find your love, sometimes love also finds you.

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Komal Mittal
Komal Mittal 01 Jul, 2019 | 1 min read

"So how you proposed her?" A friend asked him.

"Um.. I didn't proposed her." He replied.

"That means she proposed you?" Friend questioned.

"No. Neither she did." He answered.

"Then how the hell you two are together man!!?" Friend shouted.

"Truly saying its a mystery even for us. There was a time we used to talk barely in a week and now if a don't talk for a day it feels like something is incomplete. It's just like our messed up lives joined hands with each other and we ended solving each others problems and understanding each other so much, more than our parents could ever understand us. We knew we may not be together in near future but still the thought of giving up never clouded our minds. We had never expected that our lives and that so called friendship would come to such an exquisite and serene love point like this." He said blissfully.

"I.. I didn't understood?" Friend said.

"You can't. Don't try to ." He winked.

Some stories are really unexpected but the best ones.


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