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Komal Mittal
Komal Mittal 13 Jun, 2020 | 1 min read

A best friend is one to whom when a CHOICE is given between us and what is right for us will always choose the latter because he/she loves you but also can't bear anything wrong happen to you. Best friends are those who don't care about your ugly face during a video call as they already love our souls and those faces don’t matter to them. They are like ALL IN ONE member of your single family who plays the role of a mother who take care of us at every instance, a father who always have a eye on our every work, a brother who fights with us alot but can't bear if anyone abuses us, a sister with whom we can do any kind of gossip, grandma whose shoulder is always there for us to lean on and cry and grandpa who's our partner in crime. They are a complete family for us and our supporting system too. They take more care of us then our boyfriends or girlfriends as they love us eternally. Best friends forever are real emotions..


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