Women Empowerment Give wings to their indomitable spirit!

Women empowerment

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Thu, Mar 3, 2022 12:02 PM

Women, one of the most wondrous living forms that walk the earth. They are the true seeds of creation…. with infinite possibilities lying dormant inside of them. With constant nurturing and with right blend of care and attention, they can flourish into stately groves, which shall lend remarkable stability, strength and diversity to the world!

When I come to think of it, as women, aren’t we too tough on ourselves? Always struggling to meet other people’s expectations, striving to prove our worth and feeling stressed, vulnerable and miserable most of the times! How often do we pause and ponder, “why do we need to do this?” even when we know, no one’s perfect in this world, after all, we are all humans, trying to do the best we can.

Perhaps that’s why we need special days like ‘Women’s Day’ to review, evaluate and question the current state related to women and to challenge the aspects that give shape to their existence, possibilities and relationships.

“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”-- Steve Maraboli

Now the question is, how do we prop up women, or in other words, how do we empower the women of today?

But before we get into this nitty-gritty, first let us talk about what exactly we mean by this compelling term called “women empowerment

Well, women empowerment has diverse meanings for each one of us, making the term a bit hard to define. For sure, it does not only mean giving equal rights and power to women as men, but it has more intricate meanings coupled to it.

It definitely ensures that women are given adequate support to improve their emotional, socio-economic, political, and educational standards, as these are important aspects in enhancing the condition of women, especially the repressed.

For me, empowering women is like initiating a domino effect which brings about a change in all domains!  It generates a chain reaction that demands focus and impetus which can ultimately changes lives, laws and perceptions! 

Providing women of today with possibilities and alternatives is like handing over to them, the rudder of ship of their lives, and giving them the skill and liberty to navigate it cautiously.

Now that we know, what this term broadly means, if I have to list down significant ways in which we can bring about a change in the condition of women today, I would say that we need to: achieve a fair BALANCE.

This is about giving women freedom to make their own choices and to create opportunities for them to make those choices, that too, without being judged.

In other words, empowering a woman is to make a woman independent by creating an environment where she is treated as equal on every level – be it her workplace or home front. When this happens, peace and pleasure prevail, economy thrives, businesses grow, and women have the scope to make their personal, professional and financial dreams a reality,

express freely and act willingly: Emancipating women is about having an opinion and saying it out loud without the fear of facing adverse repercussions. It is about the female youth being able to get easy access to new opportunities so that they are competent enough to become front runners of the global community. Today women empowerment is about everyone joining hands to make the world safer and strife-free, and to make it a happy haven for women where, not just them, but all can flourish and progress :  understand importance of self-love and self-worth:

Enabling women to prioritise themselves and their needs, to live life on congenial terms is what is self-love, and believing in their strength is recognising their self-worth! This means not letting social norms, rules and other people’s expectations alter their consciousness and life! We need our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, nieces to find a purpose in life and have faith in themselves so that they develop a trust in the society and a belief in their hearts that they can adeptly play a significant role in the community! 

And I certainly think that with some of these good measures and righteousness, we can enrich the benevolent disposition of women around the world to benefit mankind in effective ways.

Therefore, need of the moment is to give wings to the dauntless spirit called woman so that she can soar high in the free blue skies….for she can bring about a right change to build stronger families, better communities, progressive nations and roaring economies for a sunny and a prosperous future!

by Vandana Oke