What is Language Ambassadorship?

About Language Ambassador

Published By Paperwiff

Wed, Jun 24, 2020 2:15 PM

Paperwiff is one of its kind, which applauds its writers in the most innovative ways.

One of them is Ambassadorship. Since the motive behind running a colossal platform is to give you the confidence that your language is precious too, and you should take the freedom to write in it.

Ambassador is a person who is the flag bearer of his/her language. The ambassadors are the ones who have achieved excellence in their language by writing enormous articles on Paperwiff in their languages.

The Ambassadors are chosen quarterly, based on their performances on Paperwiff. Freedom brings responsibilities and therefore, being an Ambassador brings some duties too.

Read them carefully-

 Responsibilities of an Ambassador-

  1. The Ambassador should have a through knowledge of the language they are using on Paperwiff.
  2. The articles which are written shouldn’t be plagiarised and should always be published first on Paperwiff before posting on any other platform.
  3. The Ambassadors are the ones who are responsible for bringing as many writers of their language to strengthen the roots of your native language.
  4. We seldom organise the Ambassador’s Challenge, where we check on the number of articles coming in each language. Both the quality and quantity are the measures to announce the winning language.
  5. An Ambassador is contacted by the admin team of Paperwiff weekly once, to check on the progress on educating the writers and sorting out the issues they encounter while guiding them. It’s mandatory to attend the web invite. The invite will be scheduled only on weekends as per your convenience.

Let’s now talk about the benefits of being an Ambassador-

  1. Every language Ambassador gets a chance to interact with the top management of Paperwiff weekly.
  2. The Ambassadorship has to be earned on Paperwiff. Therefore, we reward every Ambassador with an “Ambassador Trophy” and a certificate exclusively issued by Paperwiff.
  3. A one month free subscription for the Premium version of Paperwiff is awarded to the language Ambassador.
  4. Name of the Ambassadors is published in Paperwiff Magazines every month, to felicitate their presence.
  5. All our Ambassadors will be invited on Paperwiff Circle’s, a conference to be organized by Paperwiff post complete settlement of the Pandemic, Covid-19, where exciting events and congratulations will be given as per the work done by the writers.