Identifying the lesser-known signs of depression.

Published By Paperwiff

Mon, Jan 2, 2023 11:18 AM

Most people don't even know they have depression and those who know to try to hide. We think the one who looks happy is not depressed because we think that being sad is a common sign of depression. But apart from being sad, there are many such signs of depression, about which we know little.

1.Smiling depression.

Sometimes people who are suffering from depression want to hide their emotions so they put on a mask of a fake smile. They always want to look good with a smiling face, so no one can judge them. Over time the mask may slip and a person may show signs of sadness and hopelessness. Periodically it oversees dissociative identity disorder.


Overthinking is a common symptom of depression. The root of overthinking is negative self-talk. Many people with depression experience negative self-talk gets into their habit and defaults to harmful thoughts toward themselves. A negative thought is like a seed in the mind, it infallibly germinates into external fruition. Overthinking or disambiguation is a common problem nowadays that accompanies stress. Over time it can consequently give place to suicidal thoughts.


It is the most familiar symptom of depression in which the person experiences a lack of concentration which can indicate issues with memory and concentration. It is directly connected to overthinking. A person who thinks so much can never concentrate. Memory loss is the short-term phase of absent-mindedness and leads to physical sicknesses like headaches and fainting.

4. Fatigue.

Ordinary and less noticeable symptoms of depression are fatigue. It is the state of tiredness that cannot resolve with rest or sleep. People with depression often feel very tired and aren't interested to take part in any activity. The mood is the connection between fatigue and depression because depression leads to sadness and inferior emotions and that is the reason why a person does not feel like doing anything.

5. Eating disorder.

Anorexia nervosa (loss of appetite) and hunger is directly related to stress. Some people lose their appetite and some can not control their hunger. Mood swings are the reason for eating disorders. It may lead to weight fluctuations some people gain weight and some of them lose. Some people like to eat weird combos under stress. For instance chocolate with salt.


It refers to the nervousness or fear which thrives over time. It is the most hazardous symptom of depression. The symptoms of anxiety can interfere with daily activities such as job performance, school work, and relationships. Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life but when it becomes a daily practice it will be a major mental issue. Anxiety attacks are a severe symptom of anxiety disorder they may connect to emotional pain and leads to physical pain.

-Firdous Khan (Paperwiff)