Content Policy

Content Policy

Published By Paperwiff

Tue, Jun 30, 2020 9:05 AM

Paperwiff is a standard blogging platform for social journalism and content management. Paperwiff has a hybrid collection of amateur and professional writers as well as publications.

In order to ensure a good experience for both writers and bloggers, please read our Content Policy carefully.

If any content violates our content policy, it will not be published on our Platform. What’s more, we may terminate your account at our sole discretion and without liability.

Details of the Content Policy:


  1. Should not be less than three words but not more than 20 words.
  2. No abuse of punctuation.
  3. No #title or hashtag
  4. No slanderous, threatening, exaggerating, sexually demeaning or non-related title.
  5. Must be related to the content and informative.


  1. No fake or outdated content.
  2. No obscene content or related text, image or video.
  3. No malicious content related to blood, violence, terrorism, gambling or drugs.
  4. No superstitious, religiously extremist, criminally inciting content.
  5. The content should not be defamatory to any person, organisation or entity.


  1. Article should be complete and be at least more than 150 words.
  2. The layout should be clear and readable.
  3. There should be an adequate and detailed description and the image.


  1. No plagiarized content from other media/platform. We have strong checks in place for this.
  2. When using a summary or while paraphrasing, the source should be credited.
  3. No unauthorized use of image, video or article is allowed.
  4. No unauthorized use of corporate name, logo or title.
  5. No violation of personal fame, image or privacy.


  1. Cover image must be related to the content.
  2. In case of three Cover Images, they will only be visible under WiFi.
  3. No sensitive or sexually explicit image.


  1. No redirection of URL or link.
  2. No affiliate promotion URL should be used without our prior consent.
  3. No ads without our prior consent.
  4. No content promotion on our app/website without our prior consent.
  5. Introducing products is prohibited on our platform, including providing certain info on how to buy/sell products, such as phone number/address/website/WhatsApp.
  6. Not allowed: Content containing extra information that is not directly related to the content, such as contact info, intention to share, irrelevant link, welcome to XXX, etc.
  7. Restricted: Content containing any kind of job offers, such as recruitment and employment information.


  1. Paperwiff reserves the right to remove any content that it thinks is not fit for the Platform without any prior notice.
  2. The author will be held responsible and lawfully accountable for any breach of the content policy in case of prosecution.
  3. Please go through Terms and privacy in detail