Van Mahatsav : Festival of conserving forest

All about saving earth by celebrating Van Mahatsav

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Akshat 07 Jan, 2020 | 1 min read

It is a practice of planting and mainting forests areas for the benefits of future generation. It prevent the soil from erosion. It brings rain for us and just because of rain agricultural practice occur in our country in easy way. Trees also gives us a lot of things by we which can make a number of luxaries things.. We are talking about the benefits of Forest . How should be forget the Chipku movement , yes i am talking about Van mahatsav, let me tell the meaning of Van Mahatsav ; Van means Forest and Mahatsav means festival , the word itself mean festival of forests , it was started by Kulapati Arnab Patra, the union minister of Agriculture. It is celebrated on different days in differnet cities of India, but usually it is celebrated between 1st july to 7th july. It is an annual tree planting movement and it was started in the year 1950. It is related to planting trees. We should try our best to save the trees. We should try to protect them instead of cutting for infrastructures. Why humans are not understanding ? If we cut trees then how can we survive from where we can get the Oxygen. Forests are known as the "Lungs of Earth". Because it decrease the amount of Carbon dioxide which can be fatal if it increased. Forest prevent us from Floods and land slide etc. It is our moral responsibility and my request to save trees for living a peaceful and happy life


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