Quarantine 12


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Akshat 11 Apr, 2020 | 1 min read

Quarantine 12 or 12 th day of lock down in India was interesting for me , even i am so happy and the reason behind it is that , i drew a sketch of my Corona hero and i got consolation prize and competition was organised by Paperwiff itself, but night of the 12 th day of quarantine made my day very bad , and the reason behind it is that Lock down will increase by 2 weeks however news is not confirmed yet by the Prime minister , shree. Narendra modi , but some of the big leaders said it and they even told that Prime minister will soon confirm this news , it is very bad if it extends , i have boards examination this year and Due to Corona we are not able to go to school , however Online classes are there but Online classes are not too good as compared to original classes.


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