Was it a sign??

It's just my view on the so called sign from universe concept

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Sunil Jayanth
Sunil Jayanth 13 Jun, 2020 | 2 mins read

"Sign", this term always fascinates me. Don't you feel fascinated about it? Wait let me just alloborate it for you, imagine you met a complete stranger on a metro station, you just felt some sort of connection with them and to your surprise you had an empty seat next to him/her. You start thinking that this was a sign from universe that is telling you to go for it. I mean seriously? aren't we supposed be the master's of ourselves? It's like saying that you are not the father of your child. Come on man, OK for a second let's just agree that this thing called "Sign" does exist. How do you think this whole process works? Will there be any organization for this? Like will there be any agents of gods following us and putting tabs on us? I mean if they are the one's that give us "signs" saying this is good for you or he or she was the one whom were supposed to end up with, don't you think they should keep tabs on what you like, what you want, what you hate etc things to hitch you with the like minded people. Wait did I tell that each and everyone of us have stalkers? I mean that's the only possible explanation right? No offense but If at all you think these signs are given by the 'so called God' , don't you think he/she has something better to do than to give some "Sign" to you. Actually do we need a sign to tell us what we like and what we don't? Are we that stupid? If you are waiting for that so called sign to show up and make your life happy again then you better get a chair cause you ain't going no where any soon. It's your life dude, stop expecting the universe to show signs.Nothing's gonna happen until you man up and make a move.


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