I walk a path beyond the future!!

The rest of the world might seem like a far fetched dream.. but your life holds a meaning in every step you take..

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Sampurna Sharma
Sampurna Sharma 10 Dec, 2020 | 2 mins read
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I remember the footsteps tapping on the floor.

While I was in the closet, hiding from the fear of being known.

He moved the curtains, he called my name.

That was my destiny in disguise.

I could hear their crumbling souls.

I could feel the heartbeat racing faster than the car he drove..

He was here to give away his happiness.. he was here to take away mine..

But what a waste would that be.. as I'm not worthy of this all..

He digs in deeper.. finds the shoelace lying on the floor..

He recognises it at once and runs to find the missing shoe..

But I was hiding with it in the closet and I was too scared to be caught, so I closed my eyes n prayed for him to go.. 

The cycle has finally come to an end..

And now I'm the one picking up the shoelace..

But I found him in the living room couch crying about his lost shoelace..

I went to him and helped him buckle it up..

He smiled and said- Dada did you ever lost it too???...

I looked at the closet and said - I guess my destiny is hiding it in disguise and moreover I can always buy another pair of shoes..

For fate had it, and my son never grew up to be like his dad..

But I always feared that I might turn up to become like mine..

So, I sold the closet......

They came rushing in.. I could hear their foot steps tapping on the floor...

I didn't let them in my house this time...

They took the closet, and there went my destiny...

I had to finally let it go...

For I couldn't become like my father..

While I was returning to the door, I saw him peeping from the sideway..

He asked me - Dada, wasn't that grandpa's .. why did you let those uncle take it away..

I smiled and hugged him-- We shall get a new one soon!!..

Note- A fresh start is always needed, if you want to write your own history... Otherwise as the saying goes- History shall always repeat itself!! ✍️✍️✍️✍️


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