Why corporates want to change their culture..?

Doing something to change nothing on the name of "change"

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Kishaan 28 Oct, 2021 | 2 mins read

Nowadays, I am seeing a program named "cultural transformation program" in giant corporates and big conglomerates. I also came to know this, through many of my friends as this or similar programme also conducted for middle management in their company.

Facilitator for such programs will mostly be foreigner. (non indian), prepared a power point slide with modul 1, 2, 3...X. number, by incorporating few sterio type type words like "leadership", "behaviour", "vision", "transformation" or "empowerment".

One of my friend Mr.Murgan shared his experience and always used to explain me the importance of such programs. He told me that, by attending such program he always feels empowered and mostly tell the stories of "company's interest to empower him".

Murgan always challenge my fundamental understanding of "empowerment as -privilege to break the procedure or protocol"

Anyway the point here is not the understanding of Murgan. The point here is, how come it is possible to change the culture with the crash course of 3 or 4 modules prepared by non Indian or a person who literally don't know anything about my culture and even not of my race. And this too for middle management or leaders. For me such programme is like "Grafting of an Apple tree stem on old banyan tree and expect to get Apple fruits in few weeks."

Basically a culture is the beliefs of community (the mass), so if one want to change it, should address the people on the ground(not few leaders). And such programs are mostly conducted in "already grown" or "fast growing" only. Reasons of their growth might be the existing culture of the organisation.

Then, why these organisations doing the fundamentally wrong thing at a cost of "pistachio" for no reason...?

And the answer is corporates want to impart "a fake sense of empowerment in their middle management."


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