If Only I Knew

Love & care for people that matter most in life while they are around

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Juhi Prakash Singh
Juhi Prakash Singh 23 Jan, 2021 | 1 min read

If only I knew...

If only I knew,

That she had with us left so little time

I would have picked up every call of hers each & everytime.

If only I knew,

That her spriteness was but a facade that  hid so well, her ever increasing frailty

I would have done all to keep her always happy and healthy.

If only I knew,

That I shall lose her in my life so early

I would surely have loved her so much more dearly.

If only I knew,

That her words I shall cease so soon to hear

I would have recorded her every word that was uttered far & near.

But, now I am left with only questions so many

And no answers I have to them any

Her leaving did impress upon me lessons so many & more

One of them here I shall share,

For I know that for someone you must truly care,

So,when your loved ones are still with you here

Do give them all your love, thought & timely care

For when they are gone, you will never know when & where

All you will be left with are these same questions & regrets as ere....

- Juhi Prakash Singh

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